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Promoting Direct Drinking of Taipei Wonderful Water

Direct drinking of tap water is an important indicator of civilized city. Taipei Wonderful Water, the tap water of Taipei is supplied by Xindian River, which is the purest water source in Taiwan. The purity is maintained from raw water conservation, purification, well planned and guarded water supply system and delicate 24-hour Water Quality System. The quality of water supply has reached among the top grade of the world.
In order to eliminate the doubt of the public in respect of directly drinking from the tap, each mobile Direct Drinking Stand is labeled with “Taipei Wonderful Water” QR Code allowing citizens to check the latest status of water quality test with mobile phones. In the manner of information transparency, people will be free of worry to drink directly from the tap.
Mayor Ko Wen-Je, attended the tap water promotion and demonstrated drinking tap water while some of the attending citizens brought empty water bottles and filled them with tap water. Drinking tap water helps to reduce the cost in bottled water, in addition to promote environmental protection and energy conservation.

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