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Taipei City Government Agrees on New Water Rate Structure for Taiwan Water Corp.

In the Meeting called for Inter-Area Water Rate Structure by Water Resources Administration, it is resolved that the water supply for supporting Taiwan Water Corporation, the price shall be NT$5.90/ cbm for the part less than 380,000 tons and for the part above, the price shall be NT$3.50 / ton and the new water rate structure shall be enforced as from April 1, 2017. According to Taipei Water Department, in addition to moving the border point for price of supporting water supply from 300,000 tons to 380,000 tons, it also incorporate with Basic Volume Idea (the daily minimum supporting volume shall reach 380,000 tons). For Taipei Water Department, more stable supporting volume is good for amortization of investment costs in fixed construction and equipment, and the part exceeding the minimum, it considers only variable cost. Overall it reflects cost more than ever. Taipei Water Department also stressed that in respect to adjusting and dispatching of water resource, Taipei Water Department will listen to the arrangement of Central Government as far as the northern Taiwan Water Resource dispatching is concerned.