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Gongguan Xmas Season Inaugurating Nov. 26 Water Park Decoration Refreshed Lot of Gifts Are Waiting for You

        Taipei Water Department announced that the 2021 Gongguan Xmas Season is inaugurating tomorrow (Nov. 26, Fri.). Along with the mood for Xmas, Taipei Water Park is completely redecorated, and for the first time, a thematic flower wall built of 1,000 plants of Christmas Flower (Common Poinsettia) to form an arrangement of “Taipei Heart, Water Love” and many other plants are made into totems of various designs for attracting young citizens. The Night scene is in the theme of “Happy Gift”and they are matched with patterned flower beds and lanterns to give a bright total visual effect. They are good for photographers to take brilliant pictures, close-up or for far scene.
         The open hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the inaugurating day, added Taipei Water Department, will be extended to 8:00 pm. The event will be linked with the Gonguan Business Circle. During the Xmas season, visitors shall look for Gift Kanpan at the shops in Gongguan Business Circle  and take a picture with it and transmit to FB Fan Club, you will be provided with 2 free ticket of Water Park and you will further have the opportunity to draw lottery for Switch and ticket for twin-pot worth NTD1,000. Citizens are welcome to come together to celebrate Xmas and to enjoy the happy mood. Please visit Official Web of Taipei Water Park or Water Park FB Bans Club https://www.facebook.com/goodwatertaipei  for details.