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Statue of William Burton Reinstated Water Park Free Entry on Mar. 30

           Taipei Water Department (TWD) will hold the unveiling ceremony of the reinstated of statue of Mr. William Burton. Citizens are welcome to attend and free entrance is offered.
According to TWD, Mr. William Burton is a British Sanitary Engineer. He was invited to work for tap-water project in Taiwan more than 100 years ago. In commemoration of his contribution, the then ruling Japanese Government installed his statue in the water source land of Taipei Water Way on Mar. 30, 1919. Unfortunately, the statue was lost in World War II. In order to extend gratefulness to his great work in Taipei Tap-Water System, the statue is reinstated on the same day 102 years later. The Ceremony will be seen with Mayor Ke unveiling the statue.
          TWD added, Taipei Tap –Water System was first introduced in 1909 and Mr. Burton was responsible for selecting water source land and planning and designing Taipei Water Way. He should be the forerunner of Taipei Tap-Water. Since tap-water is the necessity of people and the construction for it is the foundation of development of a city, and it has to be carried on forever.
In order to enrich historical significance of the event, Mr. Izumi Hiroyasu, Representative of Japan-Taipei Exchange Association and Mr. John Dennis, Representative of British Office Taipei are invited to join the unveiling ceremony in recognition of the contribution of Mr. William Burton for the Tap-Water of Taipei.