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In 2018 Taipei Fun Water Festival will hold Aboriginal Arts and Culture Performance on August 11 Flying Squirrel Arts Troupe invites you to enjoy the funs and beauty of aboriginal culture

On August 11, Taipei Fun Water Festival will be presenting Aboriginal Culture and Arts Performance and a serial event will be performed. In addition to booths of artifacts and Culinary, between 3:00 pm and 5:00PM, there will be delicate and excellent show of singing and dancing of flying squirrel and Bead Legendary Decoration DIY show. The DIY Show is free of charge and visitors can enroll at site, up to 100 persons. All visitors are welcome to join us to enjoy aboriginal culture.

The Festival will last until August 31. IN addition to performance in holidays, the Water Park has other wonderful facilities for kids and grownups to enjoy, such as Water Country Park, Landscape Pond and Fountain Garden Plaza Water Spray Corridors. Citizens of any age are welcome to enjoy the shows, the DIYs as well as killing hot summer in Taipei Water Park.