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TWD Is Working Aggressively in Piping for Highland Water Supply Prevalence Rate Is Reaching 99.83% by End of 2022

          In order to further promote water supply prevalence rate, Taipei Water Department is actively promoting and coordinating for tap-water pipe connection, seeking for related funds and securing the land required for the pipes and equipment, and is also communicating and coordinating with highland customers to arrange for necessary improvement. It is expected that the water supply prevalence rate will be reaching 99.83% by end of 2022.
         According to Taipei Water Department, it had commenced in 2020 the pipe connecting for total 181 customers at place up from No. 191 of Antai Street, Neihu District, Sec. 2 of Jiozhuang Road, Nangang District, Xishou Shan of Xinyi District and Lane 500 of Yonggong Road, Shilin District. They are highlands without tap-water pipe connection. The project is completing by end of 2022 and by then the total water supply prevalence rate will be increased to 99.83%. For those very few customers yet to be connected with tap-water pipe, Taipei Water Department will provide water tank lorry supply with the truckage borne by Taipei City Government and customers need only to bear minimum retailing water rate.
        According to statistics, up to Sept. 2021, there are still 559 households without applying for pipe connection within the supply jurisdiction. The main reason is there is still ground water available. There are also 884 households are supplied with local tap-water. If they are included, the prevalence rate will be 99.96% by end of 2022.