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Improvement Plan of Boosted Water Receiving Equipment Installed in Aged and Highland Area Built by Respective Communities

Many of aged, highland area communities within jurisdiction of Taipei City were developed and built privately and the boosted water receiving facilities were built and managed / maintained by the communities. After decade of services and aged pipelines, leakage is serious and residents have to share the difference between master meters and the branch meters more than what they would have to, and that is a waste of tap-water resources. Furthermore, with less than proper capacity in management and maintenance, outage is more frequent than it should be, and the residents have to share excessive repair and maintenance charge and cost. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of the residents and minimize the waste of water resources, a improvement plan with public budget is drafted, and the plan is for Taipei Water Department to do the physical work, so that the problem if leaking of aged pipeline in highland communities may be improved.