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2018 Taipei Fun Water Festival is on the count-down!!

June 30, there will be inauguration ceremony held together with Uniform Invoice Taxation Affairs Promoting Activities. You are welcome to join us to have a cool summer.
Summer vacation is coming in next few days and Taipei Fun Water Festival is meeting you in the same pace. Water Park is scheduled to hold the Inauguration Ceremony on June 30 together with National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance, for taxation affairs promotion. The event will commence from 1:30 pm and will last until 5:00 pm. Water Park will be open from free entry and you are pleased to check your itinerary and join us the best you can.
The event of Taipei Fun Water Festival and taxation affairs promotion of this year will have Altaya Heritage Arts performance, Fantastic Magic Show and bountiful lottery and many other stage performances, in addition, Zhongnan Office of National Taxation Bureau of Taipei will be holding donating Uniform Invoice for love, where uniform invoices of May/June 2018 are solicited to donate in exchange for gifts and play on inflatable slide. Since the number of gifts and opportunity is very limited, come as early as possible.