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In Commemoration of His Centennial Contribution Taiwan – Japan and Britain Unveil Statue of William Burton

          Forerunner of Taipei Waterway, Mr. William Burton, the British Sanitary Engineer, has his statue unveiled again today (Mar. 30) in Taipei Water Park and tree planting, to commemorate his contribution. The Ceremony is hosted by Mayor Ke and Mr. Li Hung-Yuan, former Minister of Interior and Water conservancy Expert will be giving speech. The Statue was rebuilt by sculptor Mr. Pu Hau-Min. Mr. John Dennis, the Representative of British Office Taipei and Mr. Isumi Hiroyasu, Representative of Japan-Taipei Exchange Association are invited to join in the event and to jointly unveil the statue.  And, there will be VideoCom held with Japan in real time.
        Taipei Water Department (TWD) explained that since Mr. William Burton made contribution to both Japan and Taiwan 100 years ago that for the re-erect of the statue in Taipei, Japan Suido Culture Association (??) raised funds and donated two commemoration chairs and one Podocarpus (Luohansong) to be planted in the Park. In the site in Tokyo, Japan, Representative of Taiwan, Mr. Hsieh Chang-Ting is invited and will be delivering speech. In the meantime, a miniature statue of Mr. William Burton will be delivered to Kevin Kmetz, the great-great- grandson of Mr. Burton.  Dr.稻場紀久雄,President of Japan Suido Culture Association, Mr. Kuroshi Riouich, President of Taiwan Friendship Exchange Association, also, President of Nikka Giin Kondankai, Furuya Keiji and Koike Yuriko, Mayor of Tokyo will be delivering telegram to pay homage to Mr. William Burton and recognize his great contribution. . 。
           TWD said, construction of Taipei tap-water system has been built from scratch, we will pursue for sustainable development. TWD launched 20-year pipeline network improvement plan to recover water resources. Between 25006 and 2020, 2,286 km aged pipeline has been replaced and the leak rate dropped from 26.98 of 2005 to 11.09% of 2020. According to statistics, within the supply jurisdiction of TWD, the daily water consumption reduced from 1.81 million ton of 2020 from 2.3 million tons of 2005. We have actually kept 0.49 million ton water every day, or we saved half of the capacity of Feicuei Reservoir. This helps to slow down the depreciation of the reservoir. This is efforts of TWD and efforts of all the customers.