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Are we paying higher water charge than others? – Enroll for Household Water Saving To Door Services

The per capita water consumption in Taipei City is about 13 Deg. (cbm). Check your water bill to see if you are consuming more and paying more than average.

Have you experienced surge in water consumption without knowing why?
Check if your toilet is leaking or else, alternatively, enroll in Taipei Water Department website for household water saving to door service. The service continues in 2019 and it is expected 5,000 household will be benefitted.

In order to encourage our customer to check for leak in toilet or else and repair them as soon as possible, between April and August, all customer enrolled in Household Water Saving To Door Service and achieved 10% saving after the service, will have the opportunity of awarded with one set renowned brand washing machine.

The one qualified is Household Customer within TWD Service Jurisdiction with present consumption of 30 Deg. (cbm) per period or higher. The water saving rate referred above will be determined by TWD by comparing consumptions of periods before and after the to-door service of the water number of the household enrolled.
The list of winner will be announced before end of 2019.