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Xmas Concert in Water Park Linked Gongguang Business Circle in Photographing Game Highly popular mascots Bravos and Momo dolls helped to shake up the party

         2021 Gongguan Xmas Music Fiesta is on today (Dec. 25) and according to Taipei Water Dept. (TWD) since the festival fell exactly on Xmas, Mayor Ke brought with him the Xmas Bless and Prof. Yeh Shu-San with Shida Orchestra perform on stage. Momo sisters and dolls sang songs and danced to help pop up the atmosphere and they were followed with charity auctions. The pack of programs provided the public a resort in the holiday period to go, to play and flowers and decoration for taking pictures.
         TWD explained in coping with the annual theme-Happy Gift, Mayor Ke leads Bravos, Tsai Bin-Kun, the Vice Mayor and Chen Jin-Shiang, Commissioner of TWD jointly opened the huge balloon gift box and signified transmitting joy and happiness to the public. Moreover there are Bravos and Momo Dolls cheering up the stage and dancing and singing with audience.
TWD added also that the Gong guan Xmas Season connected with Gongguan Business Circle and offered with shops the Photo for Switch program where other than Twin Dinning Tickets, Preferential Drink Tickets, there are Switches to people joining the game to win. For details, please visit FB of Taipei Water Park.