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Emergency management of high turbidity raw water

Heavy rainfall is likely to increase turbidity of raw water and the highest turbidity of raw water that the purification plant can handle is 6,000 NTU. In order to cope with the situation which may become rather usual due to drastic weather condition, the raw water intake of TWD will maintain normal if the raw water turbidity is 600 NTU or less and when it is between 6000 NTU and 12000NTU, the intake volume will be reduced and when it is above 12000 NTU, raw water intake will be stopped. The Turbidity of raw water has direct effect on TWD capacity in supplying tap-water.
In the case any part of TWD Service Area is subject to under-pressure water supply or outage due to excessive high turbidity of raw water, we will dispatch water tank lorry to transport water and set up temporary water supply station to meet the needs of the public. Should the situation be worsened, TWD will request Taiwan Water Corporation to dispatch their water tank lorry in trucking water.
Customers may check from the Typhoon Pages of TWD Site for conditions of water supply, emergency water supply and addresses of the temporary water supply stations, so as to fetch water from the nearest station.
If you still have any question, please contact with 8733-5678.