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Gongguang Xmas Festival Concert

The “Hope and Love in Water Museum” Concert is in stage at Taipei Water Park in joy and fun.

The most eye-catching Concert in Gongguang Xmas Festival is presenting to you in Taipei Water Park on December 22, 2018. The show will be commenced at 6 PM.

In addition to brilliant LED Laser Dance Show and 100% funny magic show, again, we have the honor and the pleasure of performance of Shida Wind Bank, directed by Prof. Yeh Shu-Han, the master in Concert Music, as the finale. In addition to beautiful and harmonic Xmas songs and music, the show of the night will also incorporate water resources issues. These issues will be presented and accompanied with film and music.

On Dec. 22, 2018, visitors will be received free of fare and all of you are welcome to join us in joy, in fun and in peace.