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Taipei Water Department Made Public the 2018 1st Half 2nd Lot Monitoring Point Tap-Water Lead Pipe Testing Data

After the Tap Water Lead Pipe event of October 2015, Taipei Water Department (TWD) started to replace lead water supply pipes and in addition, TWD set up 600 monitoring point in area where lead pipes located and test for lead content of tap water regularly. The 1st round testing was completed in December 2015. Since then, the test was conducted every 6 months and the results were made public on TWD Web Site. Until now, TWD has completed 6 round tests. TWD has completed in Sept. 2017 and June 2018, the replacement of lead pipe in TWD service areas of Taipei City and New Taipei City. In order to ensure the water quality safety of customers that has water supplied with lead pipes, TWD keeps on monitoring the Tap Water Lead Content in the 600 monitoring point and such test will be carrying on until end of 2018. The 2 Lot (300 points) of 6th Round Test of first half of 2018 made public this time indicated that the outcomes are conforming to the drinking water standard of Taiwan, WTO, EC, Japan and other advanced countries (ceiling 0.01 mg/L) We are proud to say that the quality of water of TWD is safe and worry free.