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Taipei Water Department Reopens Direct Drinking Stand from Dec.1

         In coping with the adjustment of epidemic control measure of Central Epidemic Command Center, Taipei Water Department is reopening the service of Direct Drinking Stand and at the same time the webpage for Direct Drinking Stand Map is on line again as from Dec. 1, 2021. The easing off of control will facilitate the public with the access or free and clean water when going out for a walk or exercise.
         Explains Taipei Water Department that before the reopening, all stands will be serviced and cleaned and went through total water quality examination so that the public health will be assured. In the future, the site administration unit will resume cleaning and servicing on daily basis as well as sanitization of faucet on daily basis and water quality will be examined twice weekly. In the meantime, Taipei Water Department will conduct quarterly water quality examination and service and management check. Taipei Water Department reminds the public once again to get canteen or container ready to hold the water for consumption. When it is desired to drink from faucet directly, it is necessary to keep mouth from nozzle to protect one self and the other people.