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Taipei Water Department

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2nd Lot Lead Pipe Testing Data of 1st Half of 2017 is announced by Taipei Water Department.

Taipei Water Department divided Lead Pipe Distribution Area in the water supply area of Taipei Water Department into 600 monitoring points.
In December 2015, Planning and Installation of all the representing points is completed and the 1 round Tap-Water Lead Content Testing. Later, monitoring was conducted once every 6 months. 2nd and 3rd rounds were completed in 2016 and first half of 2017 completed the 4th round. 1st lot 300 points of the 4th round have been completed in March and has been published in TWD Website. The 2nd lot is undergoing the test.
Results of test of the above Tap-Water Lead Content are found to be meeting the drinking water standard of Taiwan,WHO, EU and Japan (Ceiling 0.01 mg/L. There is no worry about water quality.