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Important Milestone of Feicuei Reservoir Raw Water Pipeline – Completion of Boring of Feicuei Section Tunnel

            The eye-catching Feicuei Raw Water Pipeline Project has the Feicuei Section Tunnel bored through on Sept. 29, 2021, with the endeavor of project team working day and night. The Section is the part of upstream and is one section of the two of the Project. It marks the milestone of the Project and the overall project is expected to complete in 2023, after the completion of the other section, Gueishan Section. After the completion, raw water can be taken directly from Feicuei Reservoir and this will help in maintaining the quality of tap-water supply of Taipei Water Department. Mayor Ke cares very much about the progress of the Project and comes today to comfort project teams and hold the Boring- Through Ceremony.   
           As expressed by Taipei Water Department, as results of climate changes recent year, rain storms and typhoon caused high turbidity of raw water in very many cases. For example Typhoon Soudelor if 2015, heavy rainfall caused large scale mud slide in Nanshi River and made Xindian River a muddy yellow river and the turbidity of Xindian River reached record high. This is one of the reasons for dedicated raw water pipe project from Feicuei Reservoir. The tunnel is 2.8 KM long and the sectional diameter is 4.5 meters and the designed water intake is 2.7 million tons per day. The tunnel is in horse-shoe steel bar reinforced concrete lining. For safety reason and minimizing impact on environment, the faster drilling explosion method option was not chosen but worked in mechanical boring of New Austria Method and progressed in safe and steady method and fulfilled the commitment to environmental protection.
            Added Taipei Water Department, the Project of Feicuei Raw Water Pipeline commenced on July 15, 2019 and the works run round the work and is expected to complete in 2023. The completion of it will not only protect the water consumption of 6 million people in  Great Taipei Area, it will be able to supply water to Shulin, Yinko and Sanxia when it couples with the Banxin Area Water Supply Improvement Project, Phase 2 of Water Resources Agency of Ministry of Economic Affairs. When it is completed, 57% of New Taipei City will be supplied by Taipei Water Department and the effect of reducing risk of water shortage and increase the resilience of water supply of Northern Taiwan When joining with the Cross Ar3ea Joint Water Supply Adjustment of Industrial Steady Water Supply Strategy of Central Government.