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Mayor Ke and Bravo Go Caroling on Dec. 19 Taipei Water Park will offer free entry Water Bamboo Arrangement Music Entertainment Together

           In celebration of 10th Anniversary of Gongguan Xmas Season, Taipei Water Department will hold Water Museum Xmas Party on Dec. 19, 2020. Visitors are free to enter the Water Park and there will be 10 Chamonix tickets for visitors.
          In the night, there will be grand music entertainment presented by 100 musicians Shida Wind Bank lead by Professor Yeh Shu-Han at 7:00 pm.
          In the same time, Mayor Ke will bring Bravo to go Caroling in the Park. In addition, School Master of Henshan Elementary School of Sanzhi District, New Taipei City will arrive with students to view the 100-years old Water Museum and Orca Family. As they are coming from Sanzhi, the district famous of their Water Bamboo arrangement decoration art, they will come to show their Lamp of Water Bamboo.
According to Taipei Water Department, from 4 pm, there will be performance of String Bands of Zhong-zheng Junior High, a winning team in music contest in Taipei. There will also booth for promoting Water Saving and Taxation Services. At 6:00 pm, the music party commenced. The musical party will be warmed up with Hat Tricks and rally of Momo Sakura Sister and Bling Bling sisters. After the w arming up, Prof. Yeh Shu-Han will present the performance of Shida Wind Band. After enjoying the music, visitors can walk to the Gongguan Business Circle for shopping and delicacies, and you will be satisfied spiritually and physically.