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An Analysis of Water Pressure Affecting Metering Performance of Domestic Meters in Taipei

By means of comparing historical meter readings with water pressure data, in a selected area, it revealed that when water network pressure rise by 0.5kg/cm2, the metering accuracy of domestic meters increase by 2.1% and along with household water consumption arise by 2.1%, the two rising components contribute 4.2% registered volumes of domestic meters. It is clear that metering performance grow due to pressure rising.
Within the two components, on the one hand, the reason resulting in the increase of “metering accuracy” term is because the rising pressure generates higher flowrate which makes meters working in a much accurate condition. On the other hand, the increase of “consumption” term is because the rising pressure increases faucet’s discharge which causes higher household consumption, in other words, wastes of water.
This research developed a practical method to identify the increase of ”metering accuracy” and “consumption” components from meter reading data, although its values are very small and hard to extract. Using a technique of Master-Sub meter grouping data analysis, it is easy to estimate the two components varying with its water pressure.