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Office hour

Work day 08:30~17:30

Applicable to

‧We only accept sample of un-filter or un-boiled running water.

‧We do not accept any of below: none water supplied area, bottle water, spring water, mineral water, water towers which are not serviced by certified cleaning service vendors.

Process flow and additional information

‧User sampling: Please emission the stranded water  for at least three minutes (for water conservation, please also collect the water for other usage) before sampling in order to collect representative sample. Once a plastic bottle is filled, send over the sample for further inspection at earliest convenience.

‧Submission and registration: Please send over the sample to our customer service center and fill out the service intake form with contact phone number.

‧Provide information: Please provide the reason for inspection, water equipment related information (Before send over the sample, please examine your water equipment including reservoir and water tower and water usage. For example, whether the reservoir is underground or not, if there was any gutter or septic tank nearby, if water are running over in back alley or supplied by water pumper, the frequency of the water intake etc.) in order to smoothen the inspection and result determination.

‧Analysis: Inspection includes the pH value, residual chlorine, turbidity, total dissolved solids and ammonia. User do not need to wait on site.

‧Result feedback: After inspection completed, we will inform the result and feedback within the office hour of submission day (if submission time was over 3 PM, result will be provided before next business day 12PM) via phone call or text message. If written report is requested, we can provide “Water quality inspection of user sampled water result notification” for further reference.

Place of delivery

No.131, Changxing St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taipei Water Department Customer Service Center (Next to Second Funeral Parlor)

User sampling inspection process


1. Keep the water running for three minutes.

2. Fill with a clean plastic bottle.

3. Please note we only accept water sampling of supplied areas.


1. Submit the testing sample at earliest convenience.

2. Fill out the service intake form.

3. Provide water equipment information.


1. inspection includes the pH value, residual chlorine, turbidity, total dissolved solids and ammonia.

2. Test to see if the inspection results are within standard quality range.


1. Inform the result to user with phone call or text message.

2. Provide suggestions for improvement.