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(1) 24/7 customer service center

Our customer service center, in coordination with 1999 , offers services for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The services include specialized consulting, reporting for leakage repair, and declarations & complaints. We also track the progress by phone, and survey for customers’ satisfaction level. Other related services are in coordination with customer service system, water bill system, geological information system of the water mains, construction management system, and water supply monitor system, so that customers’ problems are quickly resolved, and the cases will provide feedback for each department for review and improvements. As a result, we aim to improve the service efficiency.


(2) Promoting electronic bills

We continue to encourage people to cherish the environmental resources by promoting replacement of paper bills with electronic bills. In addition to offering first-time registration customers with coupons to Taipei Water Park, we also made, for the first time in the country, an “Electronic Bill Cash-back” offer, which offers, for each issue, Discounted 3 NTD water fee per period for customers registered for paperless bills. This offer aims to encourage customers to continue using electronic bills, to achieve paper conservation and carbon reduction. Also, to ensure the security of personal information, we established a thorough encryption mechanism for data transfer and bills. This system is also tested by ISO27001 information safety system and is safe for people to apply.


(3) Inspection service for water outage

Upon confirmation after a customer calls due to water outage, we would send our officers or contractors to examine the water facility on-site within an hour.

(4) Various payment options

We offer multiple methods for water bill payment, including automatic payments by saving account/credit cards, over-the-counter by convenient stores or banks, by using Kiosk, our mobile service network, by logging on our website, e-Bill, internet banking (not over-the-counter),  third-party payment, or over-the-counter (with cash, credit cards, or EasyCards) at our customer service centers and branches. Overdue payments can also be made via multiple methods. Studies showed that non-over-the-counter payment methods are utilized at higher than 97%, showing that the payment methods align with public opinion and effectively promote the favorability of our services.


(5) Quality counter service guaranteed

To improve the quality and efficiency, we have been promoting name/address change by phone and paperless application services over-the-counter. In addition to setting up a single-window system for all-purpose services, and simplifying application forms and required supplemental documents, we have 8 business, including name/address change, that can use electronic signature. Each closed case will be filed electronically. This paperless service would effectively improve efficiency and reduce paper usage.


(6) Proactively analyzing irregular exceptions to water consumption 

To reduce disputes over manual meter- recordings, and actively monitor anomalies of water usage, our water bill system generates various data monitoring reports every day. These reports accurately screen for abnormal billing calculation for us to do random inspection or targeted re-examination, so that customers’ complaints and water wasting are reduced.


(7) Offering certified list of water tank cleaning service providers

Water pool and water tower are crucial to maintaining water quality. To ensure that customers are offered a safe and secure option, we recommend excellent contractors for cleaning water reservoir. The recommended contractors are professionally trained by water reservoir-cleaning seminars and awarded with training certificates, and their equipment and qualification for professional technicians also passed our inspections. Each cleaning case is required to be reported to us beforehand and subjected to random inspections. These tough measures ensure the quality of the cleaning process.


(8) Free water-saving home visits

We are the pioneer within water businesses in promoting home services on household water conservation. For households with higher water consumption, we offer services such as water meter leaking check, water saver installation, toilet leaking check, water quality testing and Faucet water output adjustment.


(9) Increasing awareness and concern for water-friendly environment and education

Taipei Water Park is located at the key hub area in Gongguan, and consists of Museum of Drinking Water, Water Country Park, Pipe Sculpture Area, Water Distribution Materials, Water Resource Education Center, Historical Water Metering Room Plaza, Aqua-Friendly Experiencing, and Kuanying Hill Hiking Area. Besides hosting the Taipei Fun Water Festival  in July and August, we seek opportunities to cooperate with other departments to create a multi-disciplinary recreational park rich in knowledge, sensation, humanity, history, education, and entertainment. Taipei Water Park was recognized as an official “facility for environmental education” in 2012, and is proactive in organizing guides to park, outdoor education, DIY, and other variety of activities. Our goal is to extend the reach of environmental education towards all targets and communities, and maximize the effectiveness of our environmental education.


(10) Extra care for underprivileged or physically challenged customers

Low-wage households and economically challenged individuals within the district who cannot afford the water bills are eligible to apply for their bills paid for by charity funds at our department. They can alternatively split their bills into 3 payments, or delay their payments by 2 months. Our department also offers special care services at each branch. Customers who cannot enter our branches, either due to time or disability, only needs to ring the bell before being helped by our representatives.