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Multiple payment methods

  1. Water bill collecting: The printed water bill can be paid at any 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, OK Mart, Simple Mart or any authorized finance institutions’ branches. The bill can be paid at any time and the overdue payments will be calculated into next billing cycle. Please keep the official receipt with the payment stamp in order to protect your rights and interests.
  2. Water bill payment: Payment can be setup at post office, bank, convenient shop, farmer’s association, other institutions or credit card payment. (Due to personal information privacy, please contact your card issuing bank for details)
  3. Online payment through TWD official website or e-bill site: At TWD official website (www.water.gov.taipei) or e-bill site(https://ebill.ba.org.tw), users can search and review the unpaid water bills and complete the payment with IC ATM card or checking account to have the payment settled immediately without any transaction fee.
  4. Transfer  online ATM: Use online ATM provided by finance institutions and enter the water bill wire transfer account details. Payment will be settled immediately but will require transaction fees.
  5. Third party payment App: Pay through official payment platform (pay.taipei website or App) or other third party payment App. Payment will be settled immediately.
  6. In person payment: Pay at the customer service center at TWD office or any branch within office hour (Monday through Friday, 8:30AM~ 5:30PM)