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The water supplied by Taipei Water Department(TWD) is definitely safe for drinking. The quality of TWD’s water supply is as good (if not better) than that in advanced countries. To ensure high standards of water quality at points of use, TWD regularly takes samples of tap water from users’ premises and analyzes them at its laboratory. TWD also takes water samples from all water sources, treatment plants and consumers’ premises for analysis at our well-equipped laboratory. All test data have proved that the water quality in Taipei is very good.

TWD’s lab is well equipped with sophisticated instruments and staffed with professionals, and is the first of its kind in Taiwan to be certified by the R.O.C. Environmental Protection Agency as a qualified water examination laboratory. TWD supplies quality and clean water through tests up to 141 items, which is 73 items more than the 68 items in Taiwan’s“ Standard for Drinking Water Quality”. Bacteria, pesticide, heavy metals, trihalomethanes (THMs), and even endocrine disrupting chemicals and emerging contaminants like plasticizer that worry people are either not detected (ND) or at a level far below the limits of the drinking water standard of Taiwan or the world. In addition, Taipei Water is safety, directly drinkable, and water quality comparable to that of world-leading countries.

To ensure the safety of water quality, the TWD implements the “Multiple barriers” strategy in water purification using internal control standards stricter than the national“ Standard for drinking water quality”. Through 95 water quality monitoring stations formed with EPA-accredited water quality laboratories and online monitoring systems, we implement 24-hour continuous water quality monitoring from water sources, purification plants, pumping stations, to taps(end-users).

Comprehensive water quality management is adopted by TWD to provide safe, hygienic, and quality fresh water. Effective management is implemented at water sources, water purification, water distribution and supply networks, and customers taps to control water quality for all customers.

For the public to access potable water outdoors easily, the TWD has set drinking fountains in parks, hiking trails, tourist attractions and provided online map of drinking fountains for finding & locating the fountain nearby conveniently.

If you live in the Taipei Metropolis and are concerned about your tap water, please feel free to call us. Our telephone number is 8733-5678 and we will answer your questions on the phone or make a field survey and examine the water quality for you. The service is free of charge.
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