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Item applied Details of Water Charge Paid
Ordinary application: 1 hour
Online application: 1 day
Handling unit Counters of Customer Service Center and various Business Offices of Taipei Water Department. Their telephones, faxes and addresses are detailed in the attached list.
Accepting manners Accept directly over counter or online
Manners of application In person, commissioned application, mailing, fax, telephone or online application (fully programmed)
  1. Application for Details of Water Charge Paid.
  2. Water bill, Water No. or address.
  3. Identification documents of applicant; for online application, MOICA (Citizen Digital Certificate) may be used.
  1. When applying for Details of Water Charge Paid (It was called payment certificate before 2016) other than by principal, in addition to the identification documents of the commissioned agent, power of attorney shall be completed and shall provide the photocopy of ID of authorizing party with signature or seal by the authorizing party.
  2. If one person applies for multiple customers’ Details of Water Charge Paid, the processing timeline may be extended as appropriate.
(1) Ordinary application: 1 hour.
(2) Parcel application cases:
A. 30 cases or less, the processing time is one day.
B. More than 30 cases: Treated as special case.
  1. Ordinary application includes applying in person, commissioned application, mailing, fax and telephone application – the processing time will be counted from the time when our Department received the application; Telephone application is of reservation and the applicant shall have documents verified over counter and get the document or it will be mailed to the address of water consumption. If mailing address is designated, supporting documents shall be provided to our Department through mailing or fax.
  2. Mailing and fax applications shall be affixed with seal or signature, and if unable to receive the document over counter, please provide postage paid envelopes.
  3. Application for a customer for one period is free of charge; but if for multiple periods or more than one customer in one application, NTD 10 will be charged for each Water No., delivered over counter and NTD 18 for mailing delivery.
for online application
  1. Telephone number for communication must be filled out correctly to facilitate notification of charges payable and other related matters.
  2. If the Details of Water Charge Paid is applied by other than the principal, in addition to the identification documents of the agent, power of attorney, and photocopy of ID of the authorizing party shall be provided and shall signed or stamped by the authorizing party.
  3. If the details applied involved data of 3 years or earlier, please verify and get the details at designated business office.