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Contents of a Water Charges Notice/Receipt

Taipei Water Department issues a water charges notice/receipt to water users once every 2 months. There are almost 30 entries in it, ranging from your water registration ID, quantity of water used in the period billed, to components of total water charges payable, as shown below.

  1. 收費年月:Period of water use billed: 2 months
  2. 水號:Water registration ID: District, sub-district, household, and inspection codes
  3. 帳號:Account number: Volume and page
  4. 口徑:Caliber: Diameter of water supply pipe
  5. 收據號碼及種別 :Receipt number and category
  6. 本期指針:Meter reading this time (in cubic meters)
  7. 上期指針:Meter reading last time (in cubic meters)
  8. 分攤總表度:Share in the differential between communal meter reading and sum of individual meter readings (in cubic meters)
  9. 基本費:Basic water charge
  10. 總用水度數:Total quantity of water used (in cubic meters)
  11. 用水費:Water consumption charge
  12. 維護費:Pumping facility maintenance charge
  13. 代徵下水道費:Sewerage charge collected on commission
  14. 退還/追收:Refund/follow-up billing
  15. 抄表日期:Meter reading recording date: this month and next time
  16. 收費年月:Payment date
  17. 水源保育與回饋費:Water Resources Conservation and Compensation Fees (since March, 2006)
  18. 上期金額:Water charges for last period
  19. 違約金額:Penalty for late payment
  20. 本期金額 :Water charges for this period
  21. 應繳總金額:Total water charges payable
  22. 代繳帳號:Bank collection account number
  23. 繳費期限:Payment due date