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        In order to ensure the safety and sanitary of every household water, Taipei Water Department (TWD), in Comprehensive Water Quality Management, is promoting Taipei Wonderful Water Service to ensure water out of faucet can be drunk worry free. The water basin and water tower cleaning firms trained by TWD are now totally upgraded. From now on, in addition to cleaning water basin and water tower, they are also offering professional health check of water consumption equipment and water quality examination, they are further equipped for improving the potential contamination risk of water consumption equipment to ensure the safety of water quality. When a water consumption equipment and water quality safety are certified by TWD, Taipei Wonderful Water Certificate will be given to indicate that the water comes out of the household water can be drunk worry free, as it has been under initiative and positive maintenance and management of the particular user.

       Taipei Wonderful Water Service begins from the very beginning and offers safe and clean water at the water consumption equipment. It is widely believed that aged buildings is existing with defects of water consumption equipment and there is risk of water quality contamination. It is not costing too much by inspecting and along with improvement at the time of water basin and water tower cleaning, but it will set people free from the worry of safety and cleanness of tap-water. In comparison, it is very much cost effective than installing water purifier or purchasing bottled water. It is economical, conserves energy, cuts carbon emission and is convenient and worry-free. This is the way to clear from root and it is the start of green life.

       All partners of Taipei Wonderful Water Service are equipped with specialized equipment, pricise water quality testing instrument and skills in plumbing, electricity, water basin / water tower cleaning, inspection of water consumption equipment and in water quality examination. The partners are under instruction, assistance and review of TWD for case reporting, equipment / instrument data files establishing, production of service report and the service performance, so that their service quality are assured.