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Taipei Water Department is responsible for tap-water supply for Great Taipei Area and it is equipped with 5 purification plants, Changxing, Gongguan, Jhihtan , Shuangxi and Yang-ming. Presently the daily output is about 2.2 million CMD. Among them, 3 of the purification plants, Changxing, Gongguan and Jhihtan, that are taking Xindian River as the water source accounted for 97.5% of the total water output. It is easy to find the importance of the water sources and the purification plants. Shuangxi and Yang-ming purification plants, which accounted for about 2.5% of output, has the advantages of locating at high land of Yangmingshan and Beitou with water source spread in the mountain area and they are of high importance for the water supply of high land areas.

Purification Division is responsible for the management of all the purification plants and is the hub of purification management in the headquarters. The water purification control mechanisms of the purification plants are described below:

Front 1: Front Line Operation Staff

1.Duty persons in Dosing Room: They are watching and monitoring situations of water quality and turbidity, pH, residual chlorine and other water quality parameters of raw water and clear water are based for adjusting the dosing.

2.Foreman of Central Control Room: The person is responsible for dispatching water volume and reporting of water quality abnormality.

Front 2: Administrators in Purification Plants

1.Water Quality Staff: At time of ordinary water quality, they are responsible for checking water quality scanning charts; in case the internal control parameters are exceeded, they shall be tracking up and review. When the water quality is other than ordinary (such as high- rise of raw water turbidity due to storm rain brought by typhoon), delivering judgment for adjustment (such as changing the dosing). At time of water quality abnormality, conduct emergency treatment and review for improvement and modification of equipment / standard operation procedures.

2.Plant Manager – Directing emergency treatment at time of water quality abnormality and supervising the review and improvement of abnormality events.

Front 3 – Headquarters of Water Purification Division

Supervises all the purification plant and ensure the water quality control procedure.

However, since the purification plants are located far apart one from the other, the transmission and correspondence for various kinds of information are not without delay or error that could bring difficulties to the management. In order to improve the water quality of all the purification plants, TWD installed a WPIC (Water Purification Information Center) in Water Purification Division to transmit real time information as well as image of the operation of the purification treatment process (from raw water intake port up to clear water ponds) to WPIC immediately and the functions of internet is utilized to structured dispersed monitor management system. By the proper control of all types of real time information, WPIC provides support for effective decision making and facilitates Water Purification Division to function as purification management hub.