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Item applied Restoration of water supply
Ordinary application: 1 day
Online application: 2 days
Handling unit Counters of Customer Service Center and various Business Offices of Taipei Water Department. Their telephones, faxes and addresses are detailed in the attached list.
Accepting manners Accept directly over counter or online
Manners of
In person, commissioned application, mailing, fax, telephone or online application (fully programmed)
Legislative basis Instructions on application for restoration of water supply of Taipei Water Department
Documents required
  1. Application for restoration of water supply.
  2. Water bill, Water No. or address provided by applicant.
  1. For water supply suspended or water charge in arrears for over 2 years or longer without restoration of water supply, if customers want to apply for water supply, they shall clear up required charges and stipulate new water supply contract with our Department separately.
  2. If restoration of water supply is prevented due to site condition, such as incomplete meter location, locked door, accumulated goods or aged and blocked pipeline, the customer shall improve it or request for external line remodeling and bear all related costs and expenses before restoration of water supply.
  3. Those who have building demolished for rebuilding shall apply for water supply newly.
  4. Ordinary application includes applying in person, commissioned application, mailing, fax and telephone application. The processing time shall be counted from the time when our Department received the application. Application filed through mailing or fax shall be signed or stamped properly. Online application is fully programmed. Telephone application is type of reservation and applicant shall clear up all required charges outstanding, restoration fee and temporary charges.
for online application
  1. Telephone for communication must be filled out correctly to facilitate notification of charges payable and other related matters.
  2. Telephone application is a kind of reservation and the applicant shall pay all required charges first, and payment may be in options of at designated business office, transfer or T/T. When selecting bank transfer or postal transfer, please call us or the business office for charges payable (outstanding charges, water supply restoration charge and temporary water charge). The receipt shall be faxed to the related business office on the same day and that is completion of the application. For customer suspending water supply without outstanding water charge, the restoration charge may be collected in the next period.
  3. In applying for restoration of water supply, please complete payment of charges within 3 days and the business office concerned will complete restoration within next working day; however, if restoration of water supply is prevented due to incomplete meter location or aged or blocked pipeline, the restoration may be completed only if the site condition is improved.
    During the period of applying for restoration of water supply and the business office turning on water supply at site, please turn off the faucets.
  4. Customer subject to suspension of water supply penalty less than 2 years shall pay half of base rate of the suspension period (temporary charge). If the suspension is longer than 2 years without restoration, applicant applying for restoration should pay all necessary cost and expenses and can stipulate new water supply contract separately.