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Item applied Transfer
Ordinary application: 1 hour
Online application: 1 day
Handling unit Counters of Customer Service Center and various Business Offices of Taipei Water Department. Their telephones, faxes and addresses are detailed in the attached list.
Accepting manners Accept directly over counter or online
Manners of
In person, commissioned application, mailing, fax, telephone  or online application (fully programmed)
Legislative basis Clause 8 of Business Charter of Taipei Water Department
  1. Transfer application and Consumptive Water Service Contract.
  2. Water bill, Water No. or address.
  3. If natural person applies for transfer, please provide  identification documents; for online application, MOICA (Citizen Digital Certificate) may be used.
  4. If applicant is an entity:
    1. With business registration: Our Department will visit websites of competent agency to check and if found no error, the application will be accepted. For online application, MOEACA (Business Certificate) may be used.
    2. Other legal person or organization without business registration: Documents of approval for establishment issued by competent agency shall be provided.
  5. If the certified document or the registration information of applicant is not made to the address of water consumption, supporting documents shall be provided to prove water consumption.
  6. Transfer applied by commissioned agent: In addition to the required documents above, power of attorney and identification document of the agent shall be provided.
  7. Transfer for lump sum of a building: Lump sum transfer application shall be submitted and Consumptive Water Supply Contract with consents of all parties involved shall be provided to substitute ID documents of all concerned parties.
  1. When customers apply for transfer, the consent of previous customer shall be obtained (with signature or stamp) and shall clear up all required charges during the water consumption period. If water supply was suspended due to breaching business charter of our Department, transfer will not be entertained. Customer unable to obtain the consent of previous customer may apply unilaterally; however, if the previous customer files protest within the next 6 months,  change of the new customer may be cancelled by our Department. The water charge occurred during the period after change and before cancellation shall be cleared by the new customer. New customer who isn’t willing to conduct in accordance with the above 2 paragraphs may pay related charges and can stipulate new water supply contract with our Department separately.
  2. Ordinary application includes applying in person, commissioned application, mailing and fax. The processing time shall be counted from the time when our Department received the application. Application filed through mailing or fax shall be signed or stamped properly. (If the applicant is an entity, please affix the seals of the entity and the  person in charge.)
  3. Transfer applied through telephone is only accepted for Type A customer (ordinary customer) and Type I customer (business customer) and can only be transferred to Type A customer.