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Organization & Duties

Planning Division Responsible for planning & development of operation, control and appraisal, legal affair and administrations
Purification Division Responsible for operation, maintenance and management of water resources, water intake, purification and product water output facilities
Distribution Division Responsible for monitoring, control and adjustment of water volume and pressure, management and improvement of pipeline network, pipeline inspection and leak test and planning, maintenance, operation and management of pressurizing equipment
Technical Division Responsible for collection of engineering needs and review of plans, establishing engineering techniques and governing system , supervision of engineering affairs, management of related engineering information system, review of water consuming equipment and water meter management
Water Quality Division Responsible for monitoring, testing, investigation, management and improvement of water quality as well as research and development of techniques in above fields
Business Division Responsible for business planning, customer services, development and marketing of affiliated business,water bill management and processing of vouchers and receipts
Financial Division Responsible for funds raising, financial dispatching and adjustment, pricing of product water, property management and cashier
Supply Division Responsible for procurement, bid invitations, material management
General Affair Division Responsible for document handling, files and seal control, general affairs management and public relations
Information Management office Responsible for system development and computer equipment management
Labor Safety & Health Office Responsible for planning and management of labor safety and health, hazard prevention and civil security affairs, inspection and training, medical services and security management
District Business Offices Customer Services, Meter Reading and Charge Collection, Water Distribution Services and Pipeline Networks Operation and Maintenance
Staff Training Center Responsible for the planning of training to meet needs of TWD departments as well as holding training to satisfy these needs
Development Center of Subsidiary and Assets Responsible for various software maintenance, operation management in the Taipei water park and other asset management.
Accounting Division Handling budgeting, accounting as well as statistical services in accordance with related law and regulations
Personnel Division Handling human resources affairs in accordance with related law and regulations
Government Ethics Office Handling government ethics affairs
Engineering Division Management of water resources and expansion and improvement of water supply facilities