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Water e-bill
Water bill
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Online application: 1 day
Counters of Customer Service Center and various Business Offices of Taipei Water Department. Their telephones, faxes      and addresses are detailed in the attached list.
  1. Online application:Go to the homepage of Taipei Water Department/Electronic (SMS) Billing to Save NT$10/Apply Now. After entering your water account number and passing verification, you can choose to receive your water utility bill via           email or mobile SMS based on your preferences by filling out the relevant information. You will receive the e-bill in     the   next period after your successful application. Once you've received your electronic bill, you can make a mobile         payment   to  receive a NT$10 discount on the next billing cycle.
  2. Scanning the QRcode on paper water utility bills: Simply scan the QR code on the water bill notification or payment             receipt with your mobile phone to apply. Depending on your preference, you can choose to receive future e-bills via             email or mobile text message, and then fill in the necessary information to quickly complete the application.
  3. Starting from the next billing cycle after the activation, the water bill will be delivered by e-mail or SMS on a regular             basis. If you do not receive it, please go to the official website/user login of the Taipei Water Department to apply for a         replacement bill to be sent or call the customer service hotline at 02-87335678 for more information.
  4. Please note that you can only use either the electronic bill or SMS bill option; you cannot use both simultaneously. If you wish to change your billing delivery method, you can access the homepage of the official website of the Taipei Water     Department and go to "Electronic (SMS) Bill - Save NT$10/Apply Now" to reset your preferences.
  5. In response to the environmental protection policy and creating a paperless environment, TWD encourages its                   customers to select not to receive physical bills but to receive e-bills instead.