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Water e-bill
Online application: 1 day
Counters of Customer Service Center and various Business Offices of Taipei Water Department. Their telephones, faxes and addresses are detailed in the attached list.
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Online application
  1. Customers are welcomed to visit the home page of TWD Website (https://www.water.gov.taipei)/regular services/ebill. Please click “Register” after accessing our website and fill out your water number, name of applicant, contact number and email account.
  2. After your registration information is successfully filled out and sent out, we will send an “account activation notice” to your email account to inform you that your e-bill is activated. If you have not received it, please make a call to our customer service hotline to ensure if your email account is correct.
  3. Starting from the next period after your e-bill is activated, the water e-bill will be sent to you through email periodically. If you have not received it, please log in our e-bill service area and clilck “Resend e-bill”, or make a call to our customer service hotline.
Remark In response to the environmental protection policy and creating a paperless environment, TWD encourages its customers to select not to receive physical bills but to receive e-bills instead.