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Temporary Water Supply Service under Low-Pressure or Non Water Supply.

In order to fulfill the citizens' basic water demand during typhoons, TWD not only opened 21 Emergency Water Stations and installed 20 Temporary Water Supply Stations, but also added 120 public schools in Taipei as Water Supply Stations since 2016. By using the schools’ existing water facilities to supply water, TWD doesn’t need to spend additional money to install new facilities, and citizens live in Taipei can obtain emergency water supply in no farther than 1 KM from house.
Before typhoons arrive, TWD will notify the schools to charge the water tanks to full capacity. As soon as TWD suspends water supply and Emergency Operation Center (EOC) announces the commencement of the School Water Supply Stations, citizens can go to those schools and follow the staff’s guidance to fetch water by using the schools' faucets.