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Q:Do I need to store water before the typhoons?
A:Although TWD has set up a lot of facilities and equipment to prepare for the possible damage caused by typhoons, in case the tap water becomes dirty because of the mud, or power / water outage because of the strong wind, we suggest you to storage enough water before typhoon and to use it conservatively by stopping activities which will consume too much water like washing clothes.

Q:How can I know about the quality of my water?
A:You can check the “Water Quality Information” for current turbidity, chloride, pH value around the supply area.

Q:What should I do if the water suspends?
A:Enter your address at “Inquiry Of Water Supply By Address” to check TWD’s official announcement about the water suspension. If TWD doesn’t suspend your water then please see next Q&A.

Q:I live in the non-suspension area, but there is no water in my house?
A:First, you may ask your neighbors who share the same water tank with you whether they got water. If they do, please check whether your curb stop (meter valve) is closed (turn counterclockwise to open, and keep the faucet open for seconds to let go the air).
If the whole building has no water, please check if related facilities (e.g., curb stop of master meter, water pump, and intake flapper valve of water tanks) are all functional; else please call 1999 or 8733-5678.

Q:Although TWD has restored the water supply, I still have no water?
A:Please ask your neighboring buildings whether they have water. If they do, please check if every facility is functional, and turn on the water pump to let go the air. If they have no water either, please wait for the pipe pressure to restore. If the water keeps suspended, please call 1999 or 8733-5678 for customer service.

Q:If the water suspension results from the typhoon, will my water bills be remitted?
A:By current Water Supply Act, TWD does not need to afford any compensation results from nature disaster. In case that water suspension last for more than 24 hours, the monthly charge will be remitted by the ratio of suspension days.