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Notices about the Water Supply Equipment during Typhoons.

  1. Please store water in advance in case of water supply being suspended.
  2. During water outage, please be careful with fire and cut the power of water pump to prevent short circuit, and turn off the curb stop of master meter in case of back pressure contamination.
  3. It may take longer time for some areas to restore water supply. Please wait patiently.
  4. When the water supply is restored, please first check your water basin and tank, to prevent the water from being turbid due to being deposit at the bottom. In case water basin is flooded, please pump off the basin, wash up clean and sterilize properly before continue to store water. Later on, the basin and water shall be cleaned at least once a year.
  5. Sterilization Manner: First dilute ordinary bleach (containing 3-6% Hypochlorite) to 1/100, then for every liter of water put in 10 ml (about half of a bottle cap) bleach solution. Wash the water basin twice continuously then wait for 30 minutes. After being washed again by clean water then the basin is ready to store water.
  6. After typhoons or heavy rains, it is suggested to boil the water before drinking.