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International Sister City Visits Famed "Sapphire Springs": TWD Engages in City Diplomacy Leveraging its "Sapphire Springs" Experience

Taipei City's international sister city mayor and international delegation today (Feb 7th) visited the Yangmingshan Artesian Springs, famed as the "sapphire springs". In addition to tasting pure spring water, under the professional English guided-tour delivered by an engineer of the Taipei Water Department, the international delegation had an in-depth understanding of the Yangmingshan Artesian Springs, maintenance and city tourism, leaving them with a deep impression. The Taipei Water Department engaged in successful city diplomacy thanks to its successful Sapphire Springs experience!

According to the Taipei Water Department, the visiting delegation to the Caoshan water system was led by Mayor Ladie N. Jack, mayor of the city of Majuro, capital city of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and a delegation totaling three dignitaries. Through the professional guidance of the Taipei Water Department, the delegation was able to learn about the efforts to preserve the historic monument and maintain the water supply at the same time, as well as the efforts to open the site to the public without affecting the water supply or the local ecology.

Mayor Jack pointed out that the Marshall Islands does not have any mountains, and this was his first time to see a waterfall after five visits to Taipei! He further appreciated the fact that the water supply system has been maintained for so long and in such good condition.

Note from the Taipei Water Department: The Yangmingshan Artesian Springs fall under the jurisdiction of the Taipei Water Department, and is part of the city-designated historic monument "Caoshan water system". The system was first established in March 1932, and until today still continue to supply water to Shilin District. The spring is popularly known as "Sapphire Spring" because of its sapphire-like brilliance when refracted by light. With the visit of the mayor of an international sister city and foreign delegation, the Taipei Water Department was able to share its experience of maintaining historic monuments, supplying water for people's livelihood and city tourism with the sister city, demonstrating a good city diplomacy.