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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei Water Department Now Recruiting, Up To 53K Salary for New Recruits Acceptance Rate Expected to be 8.9%2023-05-31
2Feitsui Raw Water Supply Tunnel Breakthrough Completed New Milestone for Water Security in Greater Taipei2023-05-12
3First Comprehensive Seismic Improvement of Pipe Bridges Against Strong Earthquakes in Taiwan Completed2023-04-30
4Excellent Performance and Conservation of Public Funds: TWD Staff Honored as Taipei's Model of Integrity2023-04-18
5Come to the Taipei Water Park on Children’s Day: Free Admissions for Kids! Follow Asteroid LeLe to Historic Monuments and Take Pictures - Great Prizes Await!2023-03-30
6Settlement of Water Bills When Moving Out - From the Comfort of Home SMS Water Bill for Fast and Easy Payment 2023-03-14
7Minquan Bridge Water Mains Disconnection and Relocation Creating a service-oriented municipal services with uninterrupted water supply technology2023-03-12
8International Sister City Visits Famed "Sapphire Springs": TWD Engages in City Diplomacy Leveraging its "Sapphire Springs" Experience2023-02-07
9Representatives from Matsuyama City Visit Taipei Water Department to Learn from Its Successful Water Conservation Experience2023-02-06
10Due to site decoration works for the Gongguan Christmas Season, the Taipei Water Park is not available for space rental from 2022/11/20 to 12/31.2023-01-04
11Season’s Greetings from the Gongguan Christmas Season! Free Admission on Dec 24: Enjoy Festive Music and Christmas Market Accompanied by Three Mascot Dolls to Enjoy a Happy Christmas Eve2023-01-04
1212/17~12/18 “2022 Gongguan Christmas Season - Campus Arts and Culture Feast” Invites 6 Groups of Local Student Orchestras to Wow the Audience2023-01-04
132022 Gongguan Christmas Season Kicks Off on 12/3: Additional "Good Water Exploration" Guided Tours, Wishing Cards, Grand Prizes Await Your Treasure Hunt!2023-01-03
14From December 1, the Taipei Water Park Will Relax Measures to Prevent Epidemics Such as Wearing Masks in Line with Central Government Policies2023-01-03
15Prioritizing the Bread and Butter Issues: Mayor Chiang Inspects TWD Focusing on a Sustainable Water Environment in Greater Taipei2022-12-28
16Season’s Greetings from Gongguan Christmas Season - Free Admission to the Park to Enjoy Festive Music and X’mas Market during the Christmas Season Bravo Bear, Kuai Kuai, and Shui Wu Kong will be with you for a happy Christmas Eve!2022-12-23
17Mayor Ko Officiated Groundbreaking Ceremony of the No. 2 Distribution Reservoir Booster Station in Sanchong Creating Dual Water Supply System for Improved Water Stability in Sanchong District.2022-12-07
18Grand Launch of 2022 Gongguan Christmas Season on Dec. 3 Great Prizes Await Your Treasure Hunt, Explore the Secret Realm of the Underground Water Palace2022-12-02
19At 12:00 on October 31, the Taipei Water Department issued a "Dam Water Release Alert" warning notice for Zhitan Dam.2022-10-31
20Taipei Water Department Medium and Large Diameter Uninterrupted Water Supply Construction Method Awarded the Taipei City Government Public Works Excellence Award2022-10-20