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Taipei Water Department

Latest News

NO.TitlePublish Date
12018 Taipei Fun Water Festival is on the count-down!!2018-06-21
22017 Water Country Garden of Taipei Water Park is Now Opened2018-05-23
3Improvement Plan of Boosted Water Receiving Equipment Installed in Aged and Highland Area Built by Respective Communities2018-01-26
4Taipei Water Department Published Lead Water Pipe Water Quality Inspection Data of 2nd Half of 20172017-12-25
5Taipei Water Department will be accepting application for new Hot Spring Facilities in Liuhuang (Sulfur) Valley and Thermal (Hell) Valley.2017-11-23
6Notice of Construction Work in the peripheral area around Wall of Water Park2017-10-24
7Water Country Garden Will Cease to Open from Monday, Sept. 4, 20172017-08-23
82nd Lot Lead Pipe Testing Data of 1st Half of 2017 is announced by Taipei Water Department.2017-07-31
9Taipei Water Department and the affiliated Engineering Division, 2017 Announcement for Recruitment2017-06-30
10Opening of Water Game Area of Water Country Garden, Water Park2017-05-31
11Celebrate Taipei City Government Labor Month. From May 1st to May 31st, with Safety Card you can bring another 4 people free pass to Taipei Water Park.2017-04-28
12Taipei City Government Agrees on New Water Rate Structure for Taiwan Water Corp. 2017-03-31
13Free Admission of Taipei Water Park on March 4, 11 and 182017-02-24
14Pronouncing Adjusted TWD Hot Spring Fare Schedules (New Beitou Hot Spring )2017-01-25
15Taipei City Advances Greatly in Lead Pipe Replacement2016-12-30
162016 Gongguan Xmas Season started2016-11-30
17Purchase Retail Water from TWD to Meet Non-Routine Needs 2016-10-31
18Free To-Door Water Saving Service2016-09-30
19Celebrating Day of Water Park Historical Site, Free Entry on Sept. 17 and Sept. 192016-08-31
20War against Leak – Recover 116 Million Ton of Water2016-08-01