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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Due to worsening of Pandemic Covid -19 Suspends Tsaoshan Waterway Journey and All Guided Tours Inside of Water Park2021-05-13
2Easing the demand from areas subject to water ration Taipei increases temporary water pick-up points2021-03-30
3In Commemoration of His Centennial Contribution Taiwan – Japan and Britain Unveil Statue of William Burton 2021-03-30
4Statue of William Burton Reinstated Water Park Free Entry on Mar. 302021-03-29
5TWD Offered High As NTD51K for Newly Recruits 11.5% Staff Acceptance Rate Last Year2021-03-17
6Reservoir turned into Fashion Stage, Mayor Ke exposes attraction of Taipei2021-03-02
7Spring is arriving in Taipei Water Park Water Museum Cherry Blossom Wish you Prosperous 20212021-02-05
8Explanation of Yellowish of Taipei Tap Water2021-01-14
9Gold Medal to Seismic-Resistance Work Method Applied in Transport Pipe for Danhai, New Taipei City2020-12-25
10Mayor Ke and Bravo Go Caroling on Dec. 19 Taipei Water Park will offer free entry Water Bamboo Arrangement Music Entertainment Together2020-12-18
11Happy Encounter of Orca and Bravo in Water Park Joint Marketing of Mayors of Taipei City and Tainan City2020-12-07
12Taipei Water Park Gonggong Xmas Season Orca and Bravo are competing in cute challenge Mayors of Taipei and Tainan are rallying for own mascot Free Park Entry on Dec. 5, 20202020-12-04
13Orca is surprising visitors in Taipei Water Park during Gongguan Xmas Season Free entry is offered for visitors on Nov. 28(Sat)2020-11-27
14New Landmark at No. 1 Siyuan Road -- Multipurpose Gongguan Distribution Pond2020-11-26
15Download Taipei PASS to enjoy free primary entry of Taipei Water Park in Gongguan Xmas Season 2020-11-24
16Celebrities of Industry, Government and Scholar Joined in Taipei in Celebration of Tap-Water Day2020-11-10
17Taipei Water Park is Modeling 5 Giant Flower Area For welcoming the new year to come2020-11-06
18Against Covid-19, Use Water as Needed 3 Moves of Water Saving to Deal with Draught2020-10-08
19Taipei succeeded in Water Saving Drive The only one achieving reduced life water consumption in Taiwan2020-10-05
20Taipei Neihu High Land Pipe Connected Water Supply Prevalence rate is 99.81%2020-09-30