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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Mayor Ke Stressed on Public Health and Safety in the film of “Sourcing while Drinking” of Taipei 2020-03-21
2Taipei Water Department Suspends Water Drinking Stands2020-03-20
3Free Entry on Mar. 21 for the Premiere of "Sourcing while Drinking"2020-03-20
4Come to Taipei Water Park for Blossoming Cherry in Continuous Holidays of 228 (between Feb. 28 and Mar. 1) and you will be offered with fine gift.2020-02-28
5Expanding Recruitment- TWD offers 51K/month2020-02-11
6Pay Water Bill at Home, Easy and Worry-Free2020-02-06
7Spring in Taipei Water Park- Lottery for Visitors2020-01-22
8Service Hours of Taipei Water Park2020-01-16
9Gongguang Xmas Festival—Discovering historical Site with weekly Xmas Flower (Common Poinsettia) Plant2019-12-13
102019 Teachers Month Between Sept.1 and Sept.30 In honor of Teachers, a teacher has the privilege of free entrance of him/herself and company, total 4 persons, by showing Teacher Card.2019-09-05
11Aboriginal Culture Series of Taipei Aqua-Friendly Festival Started!2019-07-12
122019 Taipei Aqua-Friendly Festival is now opening2019-06-24
13Water Country Garden Officially Opening on May 17, 20192019-05-17
14Are we paying higher water charge than others? – Enroll for Household Water Saving To Door Services2019-04-17
15Taipei Water Park offers preferential activities in the Children Month of April 4-7 to celebrate the time of fun and joy with all lovely kids.2019-03-28
16Notification for Guided Tour of Holiday Guanyingshan Reservoir in Water Park2019-02-21
17From January 1, 2019 and on, free entry of Taipei Water Park for holders of Volunteer Service Card of Honor.2019-01-16
18Gongguang Xmas Festival Concert2018-12-21
19Change in Taipei Water Park Ground Leasing 2018-11-23
20Sept. 1 through Sept. 30 21018 Teachers’ Preferential Period, Free Entrance for total 3 persons accompanied with a teacher2018-09-18