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NO.TitlePublish Date
1A Lunar New Year Brimming with Warmth – Taipei Water Department Delivers Care Packages to Onesiphorus Children's Home Free Goodies with Taipei Water Park Ticket Purchase during Lunar New Year Holidays2022-01-25
2Xmas Concert in Water Park Linked Gongguang Business Circle in Photographing Game Highly popular mascots Bravos and Momo dolls helped to shake up the party2021-12-25
3Free Entry of Taipei Water Park on Dec. 25 for Gongguan Xmas Concert For Inviting your Participation of Charity Auction Activity2021-12-24
4Due to leasing out of premises, the regular guide of Guangyinshan Reservoir at the afternoon of Dec. 4 and Dec. 5, 2021 are suspended.2021-11-30
5Taipei Water Department Reopens Direct Drinking Stand from Dec.12021-11-30
6Two Vice Mayors act as Special Guide of “Tasoshan Water Way”2021-11-28
7【2021 Gongguan Xmas Season】 Connecting Gongguan Business Circle and taking photo to exchange for Switch started.2021-11-26
82021 Gongguan Xmas Season event inaugurating on 11/26 (Fri.) and you are invited to come to enjoy the florist decoration and lantern arrangement. You are welcome to take photos, check in, have fun and draw gifts.2021-11-25
9Gongguan Xmas Season Inaugurating Nov. 26 Water Park Decoration Refreshed Lot of Gifts Are Waiting for You2021-11-25
10On-Line Booking for Jan through Mar, 2022 :Tour for Secrets of Good Water is commencing Nov. 18, 2021.2021-11-12
11Lease of premises of Taipei Water Park shall be suspended betweenNov.26 and Dec. 31, 2021.2021-11-10
12TWD Is Working Aggressively in Piping for Highland Water Supply Prevalence Rate Is Reaching 99.83% by End of 20222021-10-19
13Important Milestone of Feicuei Reservoir Raw Water Pipeline – Completion of Boring of Feicuei Section Tunnel2021-09-29
14Typhoon Chanthu Is Coming Taipei Water Department Call for Storing Water2021-09-11
15“Good Water Exploration Tour” Scheduled for Oct - Dec Open for Bookings from Aug 23.2021-08-11
16Taipei Water Park Resumes Service from August 1 Preferential Full Fare at NTD50.002021-07-30
17Under the threat of Typhoon In-Fa hitting Taiwan Taipei Water Dept. calls for Readiness for Possible Stoppage2021-07-21
18Taipei Water Park (including the Water Experience Education Zone and the Road Castle Gongguan Sports Center) will be closed from May 15 (Sat) onwards.2021-05-14
19The Taipei Water Department Amends Article 2, 3, 4, and 10 of the "Guidelines for the Utilization of Taipei Water Park", Effective Immediately.2021-04-08
20Tours of Guanyinshan Reservoir will be Cancelled for One Afternoon Session on May 1 (Saturday) to Accommodate a Space Use Application.2021-04-06