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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Successful water saving Reduced life water consumption in Taipei2020-09-29
2Wash hands to keep virus off Save water to make life easy2020-09-22
3On-Line Sale of Worry-Free Tour 44% off Taipei Water Park Non-Summer Ticket2020-09-16
4Water Games Area of Water Country Garden Services Suspending on 9/212020-09-16
5Summer Vacation is ending on Aug. 30 Join us to watch performance of theater and Band2020-08-28
6Duo Enjoyment with One Ticket in Aqua-Friendly Festival Water Park is Fanatic with Lucky Bear 2020-08-14
7In celebration of Father’s Day Flower Blossoming Water Park welcomes photographing/ checking in families will be presented with gifts2020-08-06
8How hot Taipei is? – Solar energy increased 22% more than last year.2020-07-30
9Barrier Breaking with lot of Fun in Taipei Aqua-Friendly Festival is on stage on July 252020-07-24
10Grand Opening of Taipei Aqua-Friendly Festival in lots of fun and noise and Vice Mayor Huang got wet together with young kids2020-07-18
11Taipei Aqua-Friendly Festival is Opening On July 18 Taipei Water Park offers free entry2020-07-17
12Stealthie Taker Caught at Spot In Woman Toilet of Taipei Water Park2020-07-15
13Taipei Aqua-friendly Festival Warm-up Prelude starts Colosseo Fighting on 11/7 2020-07-14
14Shopping On-Line for Worry-Free Tour Save NTD30 on Water Park Ticket2020-07-01
15Following the relax of Wuhan Pandemic, Taipei Water Department Re-Start service of Direct Drinking Stands2020-06-15
16Post-Wuhan Pandemic fun place, Water Country Garden is ready to welcome you from June 132020-06-12
17Ambassador of the Republic of Honduras to Taiwan. Visiting Zhintan Purification Plant, the largest water purification plant in Taiwan2020-05-15
18Water Charge NTD10 less with E- Bill2020-04-24
19Mayor Ke Stressed on Public Health and Safety in the film of “Sourcing while Drinking” of Taipei 2020-03-21
20Taipei Water Department Suspends Water Drinking Stands2020-03-20