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Unleash Your Creativity: Registration for the "Endless Flow! 2024 Cypher Tournament" is Now Open! The Taipei Water Department Invites You to Rap for Environmental Sustainability with Creativity!

The Taipei Water Department (TWD) is launching the "Endless Flow! 2024 Cypher Tournament" Registration is open starting today for high school, vocational high school, and university students. Participants can register under their club's name and express their ideas or appeals on environmental change, human behavior, and sustainable conservation through relay rap creation in the cypher format. Registration is now open, with entries to be showcased on the official YouTube platform. The top 10 most viewed entries will advance to the live finals on April 27th at the Gongguan Riverside Plaza, where winners will receive a prize of NT$10,000. Additionally, winners may qualify for an extra NT$30,000 prize by earning one of three awards: the Online Popularity Award, Best Live Performance Award, or Inter-Team Peer Voting Award. Calling all talented high school, vocational school, and university students!

According to the TWD, hip-hop music has become one of the primary avenues for young people to express themselves and showcase their creativity. In an effort to rally young minds around the cause of sustainable development and environmental care, the Taipei Water Department is excited to announce the inaugural inter-school Cypher Competition - "Endless Flow! 2024 Cypher Tournament." Hip-hop music has become one of the primary means for young people to express themselves and showcase their creativity. The event will invite high school, vocational high school, and university students from across Taiwan to utilize their own perspectives on the world and musical energy to create impactful CYPHER works expressing concern for environmental sustainability. Registration is now open, and the top 10 school clubs selected will compete on the final stage to showcase their talents and compete for top honors.

Huan-ying Fan, Commissioner of the TWD, noted that "global warming, environmental sustainability, and energy conservation are pressing and inevitable challenges confronting humanity in the present era. Each breath we draw and every sip of water we take originates from the nurturing of our planet. The interventions of human activity have disrupted the Earth's natural rhythms, yet the repercussions of these disruptions will inevitably reverberate back to impact humanity. Young people represent the generation with the greatest capacity to propel societal transformation. Harnessing the boundless potential of creative collaboration and the infinite influence of music, our aim is to galvanize the public towards a collective effort in safeguarding our planet."

The TWD further explains that in the early development of hip-hop, "cypher" specifically referred to an informal gathering of rappers forming a circle, taking turns to freestyle with the same beat in a spontaneous and relay-style performance. The "Endless Flow! 2024 Cypher Tournament" aims to encourage collaborative creation and performance among school club members. Teams must register under their club name, with a minimum of three members, and create their work in cypher format. Registration for the competition entails submitting a video entry, and the initial round of judging will be determined by the number of online views. The top 10 entries will progress to the finals, with each participating team receiving a "Creative Incentive Award" of NT$10,000. Additionally, the entry with the highest online views on the day of the final will be honored with the "Online Popularity Prize" of NT$30,000. On the day of the finals, every participating team will showcase their performances on a grand stage. The "Best Live Performance Award" will be decided through live audience voting, while the "Inter-Team Peer Voting Award" will be granted through mutual evaluations among the top 10 finalists. Each winning team for these accolades will be granted a NT$30,000 prize. The grand finale on April 27th will be transformed into a lively carnival, bringing together the dynamic community of cypher enthusiasts from all over Taiwan.

Registration for the event is open from today until March 31st. The online preliminary round will take place from April 6th to April 20th, with the final competition scheduled for April 27th at the Taipei Water Park in Gongguan Waterfront Plaza. All hip-hop clubs, pop music clubs, and other music-related clubs from schools nationwide are welcome to form teams and register to participate. For registration details, please refer to the guidelines at: https://reurl.cc/2zllzE and the registration form at: https://reurl.cc/37M6Xl. For the latest updates, please visit the official Facebook fanpage of the event at: https://reurl.cc/kr89V3.