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Taipei Water Festival Opening: Chiang Wukong × Suiwukong Water Play, All Day!

The "2024 Taipei Water Festival" kicked off today (June 29) at the Taipei Water Park, offering a refreshing start to the summer. Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an, following last year's wet t-shirt show, attended the opening ceremony once again, this time transforming into Dragon Ball's Goku for a runway show and unveiling inflatable water slides. He played in the water with citizens of all ages, ensuring everyone had a blast !

Mayor Chiang noted that the Taipei Water Festival, with a 20-year legacy, has become a highlight of Taipei's summer, eagerly anticipated by families annually. Themed "Water Play, All Day!," this year's festival aims to provide a rejuvenating, delightful, and lively summer experience. He wished all citizens an exciting and tireless water festival.

The Taipei Water Department announced free park admissions on the festival's opening day. Activities included two exclusive inflatable water slides (available from June 29 until July 14), a cosplay runway show, a carnival, and limited edition souvenirs. By 1:30 PM, visitor numbers had already surpassed 13,000. 

According to the Taipei Water Department, for summer (July and August), ticket prices are NT$80 for general admission and NT$40 for concession tickets. Beyond water activities, visitors can explore the "Museum of Drinking Water" and book guided tours to the historic "Guanyinshan Reservoir" every Thursday and Saturday. For further information, please call (02)8369-5104 or visit the official website of Taipei Water Park https://waterpark.water.gov.taipei/ and Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/goodwatertaipei/.