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Beware! Recent Rise in Scam Messages and Phishing Emails Taipei Water Department Urges Users to Stay Vigilant Against Fraud

Recently, there has been an increase in scam groups impersonating the Taipei Water Department by sending fraudulent overdue bill payment reminders via SMS and email. The Taipei Water Department reminds customers to stay vigilant and take precautions to avoid being deceived!

The Taipei Water Department reminds the public that legitimate overdue water bill SMS notifications will be sent using the government-exclusive short code "111." Our current SMS notifications for overdue water bills are fully integrated with the Ministry of Digital Affairs' "111 Government Exclusive Short Code SMS Platform," making it easier for users to identify and avoid scams. As long as the SMS short code "111" is displayed, users can be assured that the message is from the Taipei Water Department and not a scam. Our SMS notifications provide a link specific to the user's water user account, guiding them to the Taipei City Government's Smart Payment Platform, with URLs starting with "https://pay.taipei/..." If the URL in the SMS does not start correctly, users should refrain from clicking on it.

The Taipei Water Department also advises customers to be vigilant of phishing emails. If you receive a suspicious email, remember not to click on any links or open compressed (zip) files. Verify that the water usage address is correct and any attachments should be in PDF format (do not click on compressed files). For any concerns, please contact the Taipei Water Department customer service hotline at 8733-5678 for verification. If you have been scammed, please call the Anti-Fraud Hotline at 165 and report the incident to the police.