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Excellent Performance and Conservation of Public Funds: TWD Staff Honored as Taipei's Model of Integrity

In the annual selection of the "Model of Integrity" by the Taipei City Government, Engineer Yu-Kuo Tsai and Engineer Ying-Chang Mei of the Taipei Water Department (TWD) were selected as the 2022 Annual Model of Integrity and were presented with the award by Mayor Chiang Wan-an at the Taipei City Council meeting today (Apr 18).

According to the TWD, the Taipei City Government holds the "Model of Integrity" selection every year to select civil servants who refuse to accept bribes or take specific precautionary measures when performing tasks that are prone to malpractice and other good deeds. The integrity achievements of the award recipients are: Engineer Yu-Kuo Tsai's project "Extension of TAF Certification for Self-Organized Water Meter Laboratory", which can save about NT$500,000 in external consulting fees, and ensure the fairness and time flexibility of water meter acceptance, while saving another NT$300,000 in travel expenses and travel time to external laboratories for acceptance work. In addition, the "Research and Development of Water Meter Insertion-Type Check Valve" can ensure the accuracy of customer water meter measurements, saving installation costs of about NT$1 million per year. Engineer Ying-Chang Mei took the initiative to actively handle the noise complaints of TWD’s booster stations, effectively reducing the low-frequency noise of the pumping equipment and promoting the amendment of the regulatory recognition, avoiding civil lawsuit compensation of about NT$818,751 and state compensation of about NT$630,412. The exemplary deeds of the two award recipients are expected to promote a culture of integrity in the TWD and other agencies, serving as a role model.

The TWD added that the benchmark effect of exemplary integrity can form a culture of integrity and enhance the public's trust in the TWD's staff to perform their duties enthusiastically and fairly. The TWD will continue to improve on its tradition of quality water and professional image to provide customers with the best quality of service.