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Settlement of Water Bills When Moving Out - From the Comfort of Home SMS Water Bill for Fast and Easy Payment

For the convenience of customers, the Taipei Water Department has launched upgraded digital services such as "online water bill settlement" and "SMS bill" since March 15. In the past, it was necessary to settle water bills in person at a service counter, but now, through online settlement service, you can complete the payment without leaving the comfort of home. The SMS billing service also allows customers to check water bill information instantly with their mobile phones, and in addition, customers can enjoy water bill discounts if their applications are successful.

According to the Taipei Water Department, in the past, for customers moving and real estate transactions that required the settling of outstanding water bills, customers were required to settle the bills personally at a service counter. In 2022, for example, there were 55,485 water bill settlement applications filed at the counter. With the launch of convenient digital value-added services, customers can easily settle outstanding bills online without leaving the comfort of home. Starting from today, water bills can be settled on the website of the Taipei Water Department by entering the number on the meter and having the amount payable calculated by the system, the payment can be made online with one click, saving customers' time in traveling to and processing at a physical service counter.

The Taipei Water Department also stated that the original e-billing have also been upgraded! In addition to the original electronic billing, the Taipei Water Department has introduced a new eco-friendly and convenient SMS billing service. The phone number from which the user receives the SMS bill will be fixed to Taipei City's SMS platform at 0961-591-999. Customers receive water bill instantly on their mobile phones and pay instantly through the mobile device. Customers can enjoy a NT$3 discount on water bills after successfully applying for a SMS bill. If customers settle the bill through mobile payment, they can enjoy up to NT$10 off the next water bill, saving even more on costs!

The Taipei Water Department added that it is constantly striving to improve its services from the customer's point of view, moving in the direction of digitization and mobility, in order to make it more convenient and faster for customers in water-related affairs. For more information about the "Online Water Bill Settlement" and "SMS Billing" services, please visit the official website of the Taipei Water Department or call the 24-hour customer service hotline of the Taipei Water Department at 02-87335678.