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1. Service Items

Taipei Water Department provides one single window that accepts all services in various categories which includes: water system installation, water recovery, ownership transfer, supply suspension, veterans and military discount, refund, disputed transaction handling, water meter missing compensation and reinstallation, commission of withheld water payment, online payment, payment receipt, self-reporting water meter usage, water fee inquiry, meter reading inquire, ...and other applications.

2. Service attitude and respondent courtesy

We promote self-management of service quality and random on-the-spot examination system. Also, we provide warm inquiry environment and high quality service with all the front-desk staff dressed up neatly, wearing identifications, and provide helps actively with smiles. Our staff is always amiable and provides passionate and professional services. Our staff always pick up the calls as soon as possible and notify the institution or department name immediately. We always use polite language throughout the conversation and never hang up the phone before customer. We listen carefully to the content of every call and respond in details with humble and devoted attitude.

3. Provide appealing and advising methods

We provide multiple channels for appealing and advising. Besides the 24-hour customer service hot line for complaint or case intake, customer can also utilize Taipei City “Hello Taipei” system, email, physical mail, fax and so on to feedback their opinions. Once an appeal is received, it will be assigned to a specialist as a project and will be handled before a specific deadline. If a case is not solved before the original deadline, a follow up notification will be sent to the initiator informing the situation of the case and the reasons behind the delay.