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A handy tool for Water Management

Benefits of introducting SWM:

The present practice of water utilities in Taiwan is sending agents to people’s houses for reading meters every one or two months. It is somehow disturbing households with the high frequency of house visiting. Moreover, when there is dispute over the billing, it will be necessary to send staffs to check on site, which takes time to settle the dispute for customers and add up extra works for the utility.
However, with automatic reporting the data from Smart Water Meter (SWM) via Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) remotely, the above difficulties will be solved. Yes, SWM and AMR are the best tools in Water Consumption Management. This is why Taipei Water Department (TWD) introduces SWM since 2015.

Functions of SWM

1.Data of Water Meter are transmitted directly without manual meter reading and the privacy of customers is protected.

2.Water consumed can be checked with mobile phone or computer. This convenient and effective approach allows effective management of water consumption and helps conserve water.

3.SWM actively detects abnormal conditions such as leaking. Also, alarm notifications can be set to customers for preventing abnormalities from continuous happening.

SWM in Public Housing

The public housing projects of Taipei City Government have incorporated 3 smart meters: Water meter, Electricity meter and Gas meter, as the standard facilities. In order to cooperate with the smart Public Housing Policy of the City Government, TWD has included the 5 public housings into free-installation program.

Preferential Treatment of Large-Consumption Customer with Free Installation of SWM.

Faced with global climate change, the risk in water supply increases. Since March 1, 2016, TWD has adjusted the water rate in a way that the Fix Charge is unchanged while the difference between Variable Rates enlarged. In other words, the more water consumed the more to be paid. This adjustment gives higher impact on large-consumption customers. Therefore, TWD offers free-installation of SWM as a preference for large-consumption customers. The main purpose is to apply SWM functions to help the large customers for water conservation, saving precious water resources with higher efficiency. So far, TWD has completed SWM installation of 1,800 large-consumption customers.