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Due to the complex climate and geographical environment we had in Taiwan, it is very challenging for utilizing the water resources as well as providing stable water supply. Even we observed 3 times higher precipitation in Taiwan than the world average, the average per capita water resources only reached one-fifth of the world average, which resulted in Taiwan as rank 18 in most water-stressed countries around the world listing. The Greater Taipei area is the center of political, economic, educational, and cultural center of Taiwan. However, the highest population density also causes increase the difficulty of allocating water resources and possible inconvenience within the area. Therefore, Taipei Water Department tailors different water conservation plans for “home user” and “institution, school and major consumption unit” in order to improve the efficiency of water conservation and achieve the goal for sustainable management of water resource.

  1. Home user: water meter leaking check, water saver installation, toilet leaking check, water quality testing and Faucet water output adjustment.
  2. Institutions, schools and major consumption units: on-site inspection, consultation, and technical assistance.

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