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NO.TitlePublish Date
21Change in Taipei Water Park Ground Leasing 2018-11-23
22Sept. 1 through Sept. 30 21018 Teachers’ Preferential Period, Free Entrance for total 3 persons accompanied with a teacher2018-09-18
23In 2018 Taipei Fun Water Festival will hold Aboriginal Arts and Culture Performance on August 11 Flying Squirrel Arts Troupe invites you to enjoy the funs and beauty of aboriginal culture2018-08-22
24Taipei Water Department Made Public the 2018 1st Half 2nd Lot Monitoring Point Tap-Water Lead Pipe Testing Data2018-07-25
252018 Taipei Fun Water Festival is on the count-down!!2018-06-21
262017 Water Country Garden of Taipei Water Park is Now Opened2018-05-23
27Improvement Plan of Boosted Water Receiving Equipment Installed in Aged and Highland Area Built by Respective Communities2018-01-26
28Taipei Water Department Published Lead Water Pipe Water Quality Inspection Data of 2nd Half of 20172017-12-25
29Taipei Water Department will be accepting application for new Hot Spring Facilities in Liuhuang (Sulfur) Valley and Thermal (Hell) Valley.2017-11-23
30Notice of Construction Work in the peripheral area around Wall of Water Park2017-10-24
31Water Country Garden Will Cease to Open from Monday, Sept. 4, 20172017-08-23
322nd Lot Lead Pipe Testing Data of 1st Half of 2017 is announced by Taipei Water Department.2017-07-31
33Taipei Water Department and the affiliated Engineering Division, 2017 Announcement for Recruitment2017-06-30
34Opening of Water Game Area of Water Country Garden, Water Park2017-05-31
35Celebrate Taipei City Government Labor Month. From May 1st to May 31st, with Safety Card you can bring another 4 people free pass to Taipei Water Park.2017-04-28
36Taipei City Government Agrees on New Water Rate Structure for Taiwan Water Corp. 2017-03-31
37Free Admission of Taipei Water Park on March 4, 11 and 182017-02-24
38Pronouncing Adjusted TWD Hot Spring Fare Schedules (New Beitou Hot Spring )2017-01-25
39Taipei City Advances Greatly in Lead Pipe Replacement2016-12-30
402016 Gongguan Xmas Season started2016-11-30